A Wonderful Message

I received this wonderful message in my slaves journal. I must admit that it made me a little damp around the eyes. It has been slightly edited to keep his identity anon.

Good morning my Master,

i hope that this entry finds You well and all ready for the silly season. As i have said before i dislike this time of Year, cannot remember ever having a good one, it is a season of stress nothing else.

Anyway enough of the negativity, i need to count my blessings, even though 2015 has been a difficult year, i have managed to grow and build a friendship with You. i have also come to the realisation that You have made me a complete man, what was missing was my inability to accept that i needed a man to be my Master, one who has complete control over my thoughts and actions, i thank You every day for being that man, my Master, my Owner and my Friend. Completing the last task that You set me made me realise that i had found the reason i am who i am, i am Your slave and at last i am fulfilling my innate need to serve and please the man who is my Master, my Owner, thank You for giving me this opportunity and also thank You for giving me Your gift of dominance, i would not be who i am without Your control and guidance.

As i have told You, i have gotten into the habit of holding my dress collar as i go to sleep, i have also started to recite (to myself) Your Mantra and kiss the chain twice (as if i am kissing Your feet) in Your slave’s mind it brings him closer to his Master. i thought that it would be difficult to find a quiet place every day to kneel and recite Your mantra out loud but it is surprising how easy it is, by reciting Your mantra gives Your slave a good feeling.

i have not engaged in any “vanilla” sex and have found that when i get the urge to do so, i think of You and realise that no other man is worth the effort not when i have my Master, the only man that i need to serve and please.

Knowing i have You my Master in my life helps me get through the tough times, all i need to do is feel my dress collar and i know that You are there.

You seem to give me so much, thank You

Have a great Christmas and New Year, thank You for being my Master, my Owner and my Friend.