A New Year And A New Dungeon.

And so as 2016 rolls around it’s unfortunately time for me to move my Dungeon space I have grown attached to, with some very happy moments made in that particular space. It’s held some wild times, seen plenty of squeal’s and gasps of both ecstasy and pain, and painted many pictures through the photos and stories I’ve been able to tell.

However with change comes new opportunity and I’m very excited about the recently acquired space as of today. It’s bigger and has some excellent possibilities to it, and I look forward to working to make it into a great space.

This does mean however that the old space will be open for sessions until February 3, and the new space will open after that. Both are in the same area of Brisbane so please don’t worry that I’m moving to the wilds and hard to get to.

I will, of course, be documenting the setting up of the new space and hopefully there will be photos soon.