Queensland PLA Suck Dog’s Balls, Or New Sex Work Advertising Rules

Urgh – Once again I’m reminded that Queensland isn’t the most friendly state when it comes to sex workers. PLA (You know, the Prostitution Regulations Association, even though Prostitute is a known slur to sex workers. Oh and let’s not forget you can’t be a sex worker and sit on the PLA board..) regulations have been updated and it’s hit those who work in the area of Fetish.

Please take notice of the word ‘Fetish’ as it’s what I have to use to advertise. I can no longer use the B acronym as the PLA state it’s listing a service provided (which is against their advertising regulations in Queensland). Which seriously has to be one of the most ridiculous laws you can think of. How are people meant to know who is a sex worker and who isn’t when you can’t list services you provide? Let me guess… won’t somebody think of the children!

The second most rediculous law would be that you can’t have any B acronym images on websites or adverts. Which mean’s I just had to gut my website. I’ll be very interested to see what they do with places like Twitter which are the wild west at the best of times.