Trialing New 1/2 Sessions

I’ve had a lot of calls for 1/2 hour sessions lately, and after turning quite a few down I’ve had a bit more of a think and decided to try them out.

I’ll be calling a 1/2 hour session a ‘taster’ – a way to see if you enjoy an activity without paying for a full hour session. There is a limit to what can be done in half an hour however, most BDSM takes time for the submissive to get into the right head space, so I see these sessions more as an instructional way for people to try an activity without a heavy D/s.

IMG_9356-2I’ll be limiting the range of actives to Sounding, Body Worship, Oral training, Anal Training (Dildo’s), Caning, Spanking, Flogging, CBT and Electro Play. These session will be $180 for the half hour and will usually be extendable on the day to a full hour (but with the extra $70 paid). Please just keep in mind that there isn’t too much that can be done in such a short amount of time.

So those of you who have been unsure of trying out your first steps into the world of BDSM under a Sir can now hopefully feel a little less pressure.