Trialing New 1/2 Sessions

I’ve had a lot of calls for 1/2 hour sessions lately, and after turning quite a few down I’ve had a bit more of a think and decided to try them out.

I’ll be calling a 1/2 hour session a ‘taster’ – a way to see if you enjoy an activity without paying for a full hour session. There is a limit to what can be done in half an hour however, most BDSM takes time for the submissive to get into the right head space, so I see these sessions more as an instructional way for people to try an activity without a heavy D/s. Continue reading “Trialing New 1/2 Sessions”

How To Approach A Pro Dom (And Booking Your First Session)

image6Pro Dom’s talk among each other, and one of the main gripes we have is the way people approach us. Please remember this is our passion and job. We are not 24/7 Fetish Fantasy machines that only exist to fulfill your desires – and while we do what we can to help we expect people to remember you want what we have and not the other way around.

These are written from my personal experiences as a Professional Sir who works with men, but I can tell you many of the Female Pro Dom’s on Fetlife echo my thoughts. These ladies however encounter these in far greater numbers that I ever do.

  1. Make sure you approach a Pro Dom with the same level of respect as you would ringing to apply for a job interview. If you are emailing or texting (remember not everyone will answer text messages) then be polite and to the point. Rambling, rude and disrespectful messages are the #1 bugbear of every Pro Dom I know.
  2. We love it if the person knows what they are looking for, however most people have no idea. Talk to the Pro Dom and try and give them an idea – HOWEVER we get numerous calls or messages from people who want you to spell out just what you are going to do to them. These people are never going to book a session and just want wank material. If the Pro Dom even gets a whiff of this expect to have your conversation cut very short.
  3. As with above let the Pro Dom know your level of experience – we like to hear it so we can plan.
  4. We don’t like pushy. Pushy lets us know you are not someone we want to have in our space. I recently had someone who got angry because I wasn’t answering his calls when he rang to see if he could book a session a few hours later – even though he knew I specifically ask for 24 hours notice. Our relationship ended very quickly. Please refer to point 1.
  5. We don’t want to see photos unless we have specifically asked for them. Unsolicited photos let us know you are probably never going to use our services and are just looking for wank material. So please don’t send dick photos, photos of your ass or photos of you in lingerie unless we ask.
  6. If we ask questions it’s because we want to know more. We get prank callers and while they are usually easy to sift through, sometimes it’s not that easy. We also get people who book a session and don’t show. The Pro Dom will want a contact phone number – and many won’t answer a blocked number to being with. If you are concerned about your privacy then let the Pro Dom know that you can’t take phone calls or won’t between certain hours, give a reason. We encounter this regularly and can happily work in with it.
  7. If you are calling or contacting a Pro Dom I’d suggest you have some idea you are expected to pay for the service. The second biggest bugbear we face is people who want to quibble over the price or even expect it for free.

    A session with a Pro Dom should be like treating yourself to a fine dinner at an expensive restaurant – not McDonalds. I can’t stress this enough – and you wouldn’t do it to your Doctor, Mechanic or Dentist. Again see point 1.

Overall we expect a level of respect and common courtesy. I know myself I don’t expect to be treated like a god, demi or otherwise. If you come in acting like an ass you will be ignored very quickly.

The Gift of Gloves

Wgloveshile attending IML in America earlier this year I lost one of my vintage motorcycle gauntlet gloves somewhere while walking around the markets. I was suitable disappointed to be left with one, and even after lots of asking around and searching the missing glove never surfaced.

Fast forward almost half a year and my boy in training presented me with a new pair in a wonderful gift. He had found a pair on Ebay in America that were in very bad condition and has lovingly restored them with some bootblacking into an amazing pair of gloves.

They are wonderfully snug and have a vintage leather smell to them still, mixed with the smell of the new conditioner and dye. I’m extremely honoured and proud to have them to wear. Thank you 13.


And So It Begins

Hopefully I’ll be posting my ranting and small wisdom’s here. God know’s I have a lot to say about most things, so this might provide me my soapbox.

Stay tuned for more great entertainment…

Brother H