Your First Session With A Pro Dom

image3A first session with a Pro Dom should always be an exciting and nerve inducing experience – After all here is someone you know very little about, but will soon be surrendering to. Every man I have encountered for a first session has shown emotions ranging from a few butterflies in the stomach through to medium level anxiety and panic.

  1. It’s perfectly reasonable and normal to be nervous. Enjoy the feeling of being out of control and feeling alive.
  2. Check that you are feeling nervous for the right reasons. Hopefully by now if you are booking a session with a Pro Dom you have done your homework and know their skills and reputation.
  3. Let the Pro Dom know you are feeling nervous. I often get people to call me if I feel they are having a bad time before a session.
  4. A good Pro Dom will talk you through what to expect on the day of the session BEFORE you start.
  5. If when you turn up you are feeling very anxious let your Dominant know. If someone presents to a first session looking highly anxious I usually sit down with themĀ and talk to them, or if they are ok with it give them a hug until they are feeling better.

So what can you expect when you book your first session with me?

I’ll talk to you about what is expected, ie. be showered and douched (if anal play is part of a session), be neither early or late and what to bring if anything. You can then ask me any questions before the day of the session. Payment is usually required before the session starts for first sessions.

What would a first time session entail?

On the day of the session I’ll meet you at the door and take you into the space and show you around. We will then talk about what you are expecting from the session and we will run through BDSM basics such as what a safe word is, if you have any injuries or areas I need to be aware of, and what we will be doing at the session. Depending on what the days actives entail I’ll show you what I’ll be using.

A good introductory session for me usually involves you kneeling on the mat naked. From there we will start with submissive/slave training, covering positions and getting you to worship my boots or body. I also tend to use rope bondage for beginners because it’s very tactile and combines well with other forms of BDSM play. At the end of the session you will kneel back on the matt at kiss my boots. From there I’ll get you to shower/dress and give you some sugar and a drink to keep sub drop away (more on this later). Here you can ask me questions although I usually suggest they wait a few days so things can solidify in your mind.