I am all too happy to talk to you over the phone about what services I offer. You can call me between 9am – 9pm most days, however I may not be able to answer depending on how busy I am.

Most people find they relax much more into the thought of having a session with me after they have spoken to me on the phone.

However please read these rules before contacting me –

  1. I’ll only answer my phone between 9am and 9pm and will not respond to even text messages outside of this unless prearranged.
  2. I will not engage in endless phone or text banter, I am not a phone sex line.
  3. 24 hours notice is ideal for bookings – please don’t call looking for a session in an hours time as there is little chance I will be able to help you.
  4. My time is valuable – please be respectful and to the point and we will get along fine.

My number is 0424718484

Or use the form below to contact me.


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