I have found a lot of men are looking for services that fall outside of my Fetish services I offer. Perhaps you are looking to explore male to male sexual contact, either as a beginner or someone experienced. Maybe you are just looking to have a relaxing body rub down by and man who knows his way around another man’s body? Or perhaps you are looking for a passionate and experienced encounter that might start with dinner and then end in the bedroom for either an hour or a night?

Male Body Rub ($140 for an hour)
This is my relaxing and sexy full body rub down – a great way to just lay back and let me touch, stroke and pleasure you into bliss. At any time during the rub down you are free to touch, taste or play with me while I help you unwind and release all that pent up sexual energy. It is a great way for those new to male sex to experience a delicious session that will leave you feeling wonderful.

Male Body Rub with Prostate Rub ($160 for an hour)
Looking for some anal stimulation with your body rub? Let me rub and stroke you into bliss and introduce (or continue your experience) with some prostate pleasure. This session is the same as the Male Body Rub but includes a fingers only massage that will push all the right buttons, it’s a great introduction to male on male action.

Male 2 Male ($250 an hour)
This is for those who want some male fun without the fuss.

Sometimes all you want is some company –  maybe a dinner or for me to be your companion to an event? Maybe you just want to cuddle, kiss and touch while naked – I’m very ok with that. Or perhaps you want to enjoy anal sex with someone who is going to ease you in the intricacies of male sex and sexuality, someone who will take their time so you feel comfortable and enjoy it. Or maybe you are experienced and just looking for someone who knows their way around a man’s body.

No pressure, we talk about what you want to enjoy and then get naked and have some sexy and erotic fun. Condoms are used for ALL anal sex.

Male Training – Anal and oral ($250 an hour)
Some people want things a little more structured than the Male 2 Male service – and I must admit this is one of my post popular non Fetish session. Let me teach you how to enjoy male sex where I’m the teacher and you are the pupil in hot sessions that will get you rock hard. I’ll guide you through sex with a man and you’ll be practicing and pleasuring me directly, From there we work on getting you up to speed and I prepare you for taking and show you some of the exciting and erotic areas of the body that get stimulated. Head’s up – not everyone is able to enjoy anal on their first session. It can be like gym and might also take some homework. Condoms are used for ALL anal sex.

Want a longer session that the one hour? The rate comes down for longer sessions but chat with me and we can see what we can do.

Looking forward to getting naked and having some fun with you!