24 Hrs Notice

image8There seems to be some confusion about the time I need before a session – but it’s very simple. I don’t sit in my dungeon waiting for the phone to ring. I lead a very busy life actually, between my partner of eight years, working another job, two collared slaves, a boy and pup under my training and volunteering heavily in the Brisbane Kink community.

For any session I also like time to prepare before hand. I’ll find out what you have done and put together a plan in my head from that discussion. Not having sessions booked the day before means I can also plan what I might do that night, or even enjoy a meal I wouldn’t normally eat (garlic prawns perhaps) if I was having a session the next day.

So while I’m flattered that you are so excited that you want a session at 4am in the morning with 30min notice before hand, chances are I won’t even be looking at my phone until 8am the next morning.

I also respect that you might also lead a busy life and be trying to juggle things as best as possible but the 24hr notice rule isn’t just some Dom mind game – it exists for a reason.