Queensland PLA Suck Dog’s Balls, Or New Sex Work Advertising Rules

Urgh – Once again I’m reminded that Queensland isn’t the most friendly state when it comes to sex workers. PLA (You know, the Prostitution Regulations Association, even though Prostitute is a known slur to sex workers. Oh and let’s not forget you can’t be a sex worker and sit on the PLA board..) regulations have been updated and it’s hit those who work in the area of Fetish.

Please take notice of the word ‘Fetish’ as it’s what I have to use to advertise. I can no longer use the B acronym as the PLA state it’s listing a service provided (which is against their advertising regulations in Queensland). Which seriously has to be one of the most ridiculous laws you can think of. How are people meant to know who is a sex worker and who isn’t when you can’t list services you provide? Let me guess… won’t somebody think of the children!

The second most rediculous law would be that you can’t have any B acronym images on websites or adverts. Which mean’s I just had to gut my website. I’ll be very interested to see what they do with places like Twitter which are the wild west at the best of times.

Learning and Expanding

2016 has been an interesting year.

Late 2015 I decided that I wanted to expand my skills and services. This came about from the number of men who contacted me who were not looking for BDSM, but looking to experience a male to male connection, explore their sexuality or learn more about sex and their bodies.

At first I turned these down, as it wasn’t in the skill set I’d mentally set for myself. As time went on and these calls became more and more frequent it dawned on me that this might actually be something to explore. Around this time I had been pondering just what my future was going to hold. I’d been kicking around the idea of doing some further education, and of course it would make sense for me to pursue something in sexuality. There is very little in the way of courses out there for this topic in Australia, seeing as we generally are quite conservative and prudish when it comes to sex and sexuality, especially if it’s not mechanical heterosexual in it’s flavor.

When I was in the USA last year I had the fortune of stumbling across someone who was a sexologist in a tiny American town to the north. He spoke to me about what he did and the course he took, also how much he enjoyed it. That stuck in my mind and when I started looking for courses in Australia I was disappointed to find they were more psychology “sit on my couch and let me assess you” style. At the time that was all I could find however so I considered doing a degree in either social work or psychology, and then going on to do a Masters in Sexology at Curtin University in Western Australia.

With a bit more internet sleuthing I stumbled across someone in the USA who had a great website, offered very similar services to my BDSM but also was a Somatic Body Worker. This was something I had not heard of, and after a bit of digging found the course and realized it was the same course that the person I had spoken to in the USA had done. Even more of a boon was that there was a course in Queensland!

So that leads me to here and now. I’ve just paid off the final payment for my 2017 course in Somatic Body Work and I’m just about to add a new tab to the website on non BDSM services I offer. and when I finish my course in late 2017 I’ll be able to offer another completely separate set of skills. Exciting stuff.

Traveling to the NT August 7-15 2016

I’m making the trip up to the big NT, Darwin specifically, for a little get away from the usual grind.

I’ll be available for bookings during this time, but will be traveling light equipment wise. If you are looking for a session and are located in Darwin please book ASAP with me as I’ll only be offering limited sessions while there.

You can either use the contact form on here or contact me via my mobile.

Lets see how kinky the big NT can be!

Unscrupulous People

It’s pretty sad when people, especially other people working in this field, feel so threatened that they have to spread false and misleading information about myself and my services. Perhaps rather than attacking me – you should look at yourself and the services you offer.

Try at least to have a little dignity and self respect.

I’m more than happy to field any questions people have, either to my phone or via email, however anonymous trolling won’t be accepted or answered (and don’t forget that when you post you leave me your IP address). I have far better things to do with my time.

Trialing New 1/2 Sessions

I’ve had a lot of calls for 1/2 hour sessions lately, and after turning quite a few down I’ve had a bit more of a think and decided to try them out.

I’ll be calling a 1/2 hour session a ‘taster’ – a way to see if you enjoy an activity without paying for a full hour session. There is a limit to what can be done in half an hour however, most BDSM takes time for the submissive to get into the right head space, so I see these sessions more as an instructional way for people to try an activity without a heavy D/s. Continue reading “Trialing New 1/2 Sessions”

A New Year And A New Dungeon.

And so as 2016 rolls around it’s unfortunately time for me to move my Dungeon space I have grown attached to, with some very happy moments made in that particular space. It’s held some wild times, seen plenty of squeal’s and gasps of both ecstasy and pain, and painted many pictures through the photos and stories I’ve been able to tell.

However with change comes new opportunity and I’m very excited about the recently acquired space as of today. It’s bigger and has some excellent possibilities to it, and I look forward to working to make it into a great space.

This does mean however that the old space will be open for sessions until February 3, and the new space will open after that. Both are in the same area of Brisbane so please don’t worry that I’m moving to the wilds and hard to get to.

I will, of course, be documenting the setting up of the new space and hopefully there will be photos soon.

A Wonderful Message

I received this wonderful message in my slaves journal. I must admit that it made me a little damp around the eyes. It has been slightly edited to keep his identity anon.

Good morning my Master,

i hope that this entry finds You well and all ready for the silly season. As i have said before i dislike this time of Year, cannot remember ever having a good one, it is a season of stress nothing else.

Anyway enough of the negativity, i need to count my blessings, even though 2015 has been a difficult year, i have managed to grow and build a friendship with You. i have also come to the realisation that You have made me a complete man, what was missing was my inability to accept that i needed a man to be my Master, one who has complete control over my thoughts and actions, i thank You every day for being that man, my Master, my Owner and my Friend. Completing the last task that You set me made me realise that i had found the reason i am who i am, i am Your slave and at last i am fulfilling my innate need to serve and please the man who is my Master, my Owner, thank You for giving me this opportunity and also thank You for giving me Your gift of dominance, i would not be who i am without Your control and guidance.

As i have told You, i have gotten into the habit of holding my dress collar as i go to sleep, i have also started to recite (to myself) Your Mantra and kiss the chain twice (as if i am kissing Your feet) in Your slave’s mind it brings him closer to his Master. i thought that it would be difficult to find a quiet place every day to kneel and recite Your mantra out loud but it is surprising how easy it is, by reciting Your mantra gives Your slave a good feeling.

i have not engaged in any “vanilla” sex and have found that when i get the urge to do so, i think of You and realise that no other man is worth the effort not when i have my Master, the only man that i need to serve and please.

Knowing i have You my Master in my life helps me get through the tough times, all i need to do is feel my dress collar and i know that You are there.

You seem to give me so much, thank You

Have a great Christmas and New Year, thank You for being my Master, my Owner and my Friend.

Saline Fun With 13

IMG_2183Saline injection has been something on my radar for a while now. It’s one of those unusual practices in the kink world that isn’t common and while it wasn’t a ‘must do’ kink for me it’s certainly something that planted a seed in my mind.

So when 13’s birthday came up I planned a saline injection session just for him. Under the watchful eyes of an experience saline practitioner (among other things) we took his balls for a spin. However firstly we made time to spread him eagle between my dungeon posts, give him some birthday gut punching and nipple torture.

The saline was an interesting experience and I’m almost keen to try it on myself. The saline stays in your system, fairly localized, for over 24hrs. 13 had an important appointment on the Monday so was a little worried about being stuck with elephant balls – so we put half a bag in at 500ml. Not too long after starting and with little effort his balls were an impressive size and after removing the needles and tape he enjoyed wobbling them around.

He told me later that day that he had an amazing wank.

And Another Year Older

2015 has been a pretty turbulent year – and yesterday I turned one year older as the dial ticked over to 39.

Yes that is my real age, not Gaydar or Scruff years. Yes I look a lot younger, it’s something I hear a lot. I think if I shaved off the face fur I’d most likely look even younger (one of the reasons I keep it).

I’m looking forward to being a hot buff 45-50 year old Master, with even more experience and knowledge in BDSM. It’s something I firmly believe is a constant journey, with the learning and growth about our sexuality enriching our lives.

Bring on the future.